Novated Lease Calculator Safeguards

Novated Lease Calculator Safeguards

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When lessees make use of savvy tools, it bodes well for the leasing process. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or complete rookie, it’s always logical to test the waters before plunging into the deep end. In fact, neglecting this step could be a detriment down the road. In other words, if you fail to employ aids that are intended to sharpen your understandings, leasing companies will likely capitalize on your inexperience. With that said, tools like novated lease calculator at Stratton Finance can turn a naive lessee into a proficient businessperson.

Am I Eligible To Use A Novated Lease Calculator?
Any and everyone can get their hands on this nifty device. While the tool is open to the public, it’s especially beneficial to novated lessees. Or, perhaps you’re someone who’s scouring the market in the hopes of scoring the most competitive lease. If so, the novated lease calculator serves as an excellent baseline, showing budding lessees how other leases compare to a novated lease.

How Does A Novated Lease Calculator Work?
The inner workings of this computing device aren’t all that intricate. In fact, the lessee is tasked with the most work. You’ll be prompted to answer a series of questions, each exceedingly straightforward and concise. When the appropriate answers have been input, the calculator will assimilate the data and compute an estimate. This estimate is a sound projection of your month-to-month payment. If the estimation is unfavorable, you can always rework your answers. While this practice is merely precautionary, your responses should run parallel to the truth to avoid skewed results.

Will I Be Asked Difficult Questions?
While you’ll be asked particular questions, you won’t need to divulge incriminating information. Some inquiries you’ll likely be asked will relate to your salary, vehicle preferences, employer, and lease term. Other than that, your leasing company will handle the majority of the particulars.

Is It Mandatory That I Use A Novated Lease Calculator?
It’s certainly not mandatory that a novated lessee use a Novated Lease at Stratton Finance but with how convenient and efficient it is, it would be foolish not to. If you’re still on the fence, here’s an overview of the many benefits a novated lease calculator provides:

  • Keeps you enlightened
  • Lessens the possibility of you grossly overpaying
  • 10-minute process
  • Helps narrow down your preferences
  • Free
  • Assists in creating a feasible budget

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